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Internet grows constantly. At the same time dump informations are increase. We believe that truth informations are able to share by guiding truth humans.

Nowadays, Internet goes to another dimension. We don't want any support for money donation from you. We want you to be voluntary guide for truth information to retrieval for human. Also we know that world will change again by us.

Our mission is to contribute to the change of the world by creating a new information network.

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Guide Sites collect quality original content on the Internet.

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Publishers that produce quality content can join the Guide Sites Network, approved by Guide Sites special registration form.

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Guide Sites does not request help from users for expenses, it supports and helps writers with "Reader Funding".

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Share Your Passion as an Guide Sites Guide.

The Internet is a free environment in which authors and publishers can share information with the world on topics relevant to their interests.The Internet is expanding with various information content each passing day. But the biggest problem is that most of this content creates information overload.Users cannot access the quality content they are looking for accurately due to this information overload.

Our goal is to bring together writers and publishers who produce original and high-quality content and at the same time support them through the reader fund.If you too want to contribute to high-quality content, join the guide sites organization. Changing the Internet is in your hands.

Our Team

Our Team come from a variety of professional backgrounds from across the world.

We develop strategies with the communities most committed to ideas that make the Internet more reliable.

Engin Murat ┼×ahin - Project Leader

Internet entrepreneur born in Istanbul.Engin Murat is an Internet entrepreneur who is passionate about the technologies that connect people. He is continuing his works to create innovative internet projects and accomplish them in the near future.

AL imran - Web developer

Abdullah AL imran is a professional website designer and developer from Bangladesh.He has been involved in many web projects in Bangladesh. He is responsible for Guide Sites' web design and development operations.

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